• Smith Knifeworks
    I etched my mark on a piece of steel today for the first time. This is just a beater knife I slapped together for my use a month or so ago. Etched via a plotter-cut vinyl sticker and a 9v battery. super janky setup, but I'm ok with the quality of the mark for a first time.

    A good friend drew the logo about 4 years ago when I was just dreaming about making a knife.I really like it. He was pretty clever working an S and chef knives into it. I had the vinyl masks cut to mimic a blown up pen drawing, so there are some intentionally wonky lines. It isn't noticable when you look at the mark from arms-length and I like knowing his pen strokes are in the image.

    fairly happy with the result for a first try.
    20181112_180604 (130K)
    20181112_180727 (129K)
  • Chop Knives
    That looks great, pretty deep too
  • JR Knifemaker
    That looks great! I need to try this etching business. How much was the total set up?
  • Smith Knifeworks
    uhhh....errrmm...$6us, maybe? I learned a quick and potentially dangerous lesson. DO NOT etch via the 9v battery method if the knife already has patina on it. It must be raw, clean steel. I'm glad I caught it. I tried it on patina initially and something happened. Either the patina causes enough electrical resistance, or the patina prevented the etch, but allowed flow of electrons. the net result was the battery got very hot, very quickly. I sanded my hot lead location and the etch location and it went very well. 1 tablespoon of kosher salt to 8oz (1 cup. uhh..an undefined quantity of ML?) of tap water. use until the qtip (do you guys call them a q-tip? tiny cotton swabs affixed to a small paper tube for personal grooming) end is coated in black sizzling soup-mud and trash it. I cleaned with a dry q tip in between etch cycles. I used, maybe, 25 q tips.
  • Smith Knifeworks
    Thanks, Craig. I'll probably end up going with a personalizer or similar, as this is super fiddly. ( I learned a UK word from Ed China on Wheeler Dealers!!!)

    Or I may modify the 9v battery method to eliminate the Q tips. I think it would be easy to use a large bolt and place a soaked cotton pad against the bolt head. Clip the leads onto the bolt shaft and use that as a "pad" instead of poking shit with a q tip.

    Sidenote: I saw the little birth announcement you wrote and recorded. Excellent! I had no idea you were a musician. 20+ year guitar player and drum dabbler here.
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