• Wesley Wernimont
    I am curious. Has anyone here been able to create a business promotion using Instagram? If so, would you mind sharing how you did it. I have found that when I try it is denied and the reason is because Instagram policies do not allow the promotion of knives. I have tried to appeal it saying that I am a custom knife maker and it is a legitimate business but I was still denied.
  • Ross Vosloo
    i have one, it basically just happened when i connected my facebook page of my knives to instagram, and it sorted it all out automatically
  • Wesley Wernimont
    Thanks for the reply. So you were able to create a promotion or just a business instagram account?
  • JR Knifemaker
    Wesley- I think @Chop Knives had a similar problem...
  • Ross Vosloo
    just the account. I havnt tried to create a promotion yet due to the fact that I can't pay for anything online using a card from Zimbabwe. Something to do with our economy in free fall and rampant inflation, again.
  • Chop Knives
    I had similar issues. I think it helps if you have a Facebook page for your business though.

    I was initially denied any promotion but when I explained they were culinary knives it was all good.
  • Wesley Wernimont
    Ah, that is a good point. I am going to need to set up a facebook page for my business. I will give that a try. Thanks everyone.
  • Wesley Wernimont
    I am just following up on this and I found that it works to have a Facebook account for your business link to your Instagram account. Thanks for everyone's help.
  • SecLife
    Of course. Instagram is a great place for promotion and you definitely should use it. Even better than Facebook in my opinion. You can find an awesome offer right there: https://zen-promo.com/free_instagram_followers. This is the best service for Instagram promotion out there and I think you'll be really surprised by their prices. Geo-location is essential for this business.
  • fjallravn
    You can grow your Instagram naturally, by gaining followers with your account attractiveness. Posting photos of your product is not enough unfortunately, you also shoud keep it clean from spam comments, ghost followers, use right hashtags. There are tons of services that can help. https://spamguardapp.com/, for example, does all I mentioned abouve, except for hashtags. It's not expensive and has 7 days trial, so maybe you should give it a try. Good luck!
  • Greenbeetleknives
    I tried to promote an interview w Kyle Royer and another w Stuart Smith on Instagram. They ran the ads for half a day then took them down because they were knife/weapon related. I appealed and unless you’re advertising kitchen knives they won’t allow it. I explained these were promotions for interviews and not knives but no dice.
  • fjallravn
    Promoted my business via Instagram. Best and easiest tool for this for me. Better than other platforms such as Facebook, youtube. But you need to gain followers at ht beginning somehow. Product, photos, hashtags, etc. But you need to increase your account attractiveness. Use service Antispam . I highly recommend you to buy one-month full access. Or you can start with a free trial. Good luck with it.
  • JH Forgeworks
    I can't even get Instagram to feature my pictures let alone actually allow a promotion. Only about one in every four posts gets seen by more than 300 people and less than five views from hashtags despite the same exact ones getting thousands of views in other posts.

    It's a shame as insta and facebook are really the best ways to get traction for your work right now.
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