• Ethan Taylor
    You mentioned in a previous podcast that you hated when people use their knife to scrap food from a cutting board. Are you referring to when it is scraped with the blade perpendicular to the board? If so, I can see how that’s annoying AF. I generally slide my blade under the food to lift it from the board. Is this just because you hate the act itself (like nails on a chalkboard) or is there an issue this can cause for the knife?
  • Swift Knives UK
    Scraping the cutting edge across a board will blut the edge very quickly. Best think to do if flip the knife and use the spine to move food on the board. If this if happeng with a glass :cry: or marble :cry: so called cutting board its 100% worse. That will fuck you knife up good and proppr in no to time.
  • Ethan Taylor
    Thanks! It makes sense. I have never undersood why people would drag the knife edge along a board, much less use glass or marble cutting boards.
  • Smith Knifeworks
    It's not ideal, but it happens. You gotta consider order of material hardness. If you're using a wood, poly, or sanisafe cutting board it's not that big of a deal. If you're using a glass or stone board, well, you just need to be educated in general. It depends on the steel, too. Some steels are much more forgiving to that sort of thing. 15n20, for example, is pretty tough. scraping against the board will roll the edge, but it comes right back with two swipes on a newsprint strop. No big deal. Now, white 1 ( or some other very high carbon, pure steel) will be slightly more resistant to the edge rolling, but it is a little more prone to chip at extreme thinness mixed with very high hardness ( like 63+)

    The reality, for me, is that its a tool. It's job is to cut and scoop/move things around. It comes with the territory. A good cook/knife owner will modulate the force they're using when they do this sorta thing. I do it unconsciously, now. Cut and then ease WAY off ( fight gravity essentially) of the pressure as you go to drag the edge across the board. Most good knife owners will also scrape the blade at a slight angle, so as to not actually be perpendicular to the board.

    just my thoughts, though. I'm no expert!
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