• Josh Hiett
    Just curious here. I’m all for being tidy but I can’t help but make messes. Like I think I would win in a competition for the messiest workshop. Any quick tips on the organization of a shop?
  • Swift Knives UK
    Just rock the organised chaos look :strong: as long as you have a rough idea where stuff is thats ok.

    OR you could use peg boards, I like using shelves in the workshop as it keeps similar things together but I can see them easily. And if its a small shop use as much wall space as possible.
  • Zach Byrne
    Not really a specific way to organize, but 15 minutes at the end of the day usually gets my work space back in order
  • Mike Romo

    I have the same affliction. I know mine comes from having too many projects in too many genres at the same time and too many other outside gigs that steal my time and brain power.

    I actually sold a few unused and little used tools and tossed a bunch of stuff at the end of the year. I'm planning on a trip to the recycle yard for my steel scrap that is no longer good for anything.
  • Lee Hester
    I feel you, I have the same problem. For me, I think the root cause is not having enough storage. I need better tool storage, belt storage, material storage, grinder arm storage, etc. I need more garbage cans and I need to quicker to throw away old belts and partially used sandpaper and half-used paper towels. I have some sort of guilt around throwing stuff away, I need to just get over it. Oh yeah, better dust collection would make my shop feel like less of a disaster as well. Thanks for the reminder, I need to dedicate some time and effort to it.
  • Youngknives
    I consider this tidy!! But I recon with an hour it will be back to chaos. I did read that creative people are messy people so I'm gonna just use that as an excuse
  • Bryn Davies
    I've always held the opinion that you can't be good AND tidy. But that could just be an excuse....
  • Neil Yeager
    My father always used to preach to me "break it up into small pieces". Its true if you look at the shop in total and think of cleaning/organizing it can be (and usually is) overwhelming. Take a small chunk and focus on that. Plus at least for me there is no substitute for have a place for everything and making a full effort to put things away. If you get into that habit it goes a long way. I am fortunate because here, I have big bay doors on both ends of the shop and then big awnings in the front and the back. And since we don't ge that nasty cold weather like some of you all do. I can at the end of the day, do a sweep up, and then have at it with the leaf blower and blow all of the crap outside. 10 minutes and it is done!wcd4caz8dy58yy1h.jpg
  • Chop Knives
    My issue is with dust settling everywhere. I have dust collection at source but think I need to invest in one of those ceiling filter thingies - are they any good?
  • Neil Yeager

    I had a Delta one, many years ago when I had my shop in a basement. They are super effective. But you must keep up with the maintenance on them Keep the filters fresh ect. But for air born dust from doing scales I think they would be really effective.
  • Youngknives
    Craig, yes they really do work as long as you keep the filters maintained, I "acquired" a fairly big one and when you have it running it catches the fine airborne particles that annoy the hell out of us. My advice... Defo get one or two depending on how big the workshop is
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