• Geoff Feder
    (Credit to Mark Bittman)

    Ingredients :
    1 side of salmon cut in half (either way*)
    (Skin on and pin bones removed)
    1/2 cup kosher salt
    1 cup dark brown sugar
    Cracked pepper
    1 bunch of Dill
    Splash of vodka or gin, rum(more robust flavor), aquavit etc.

    Plastic wrap
    Zip Lok bag
    Container that fits in the fridge
    Couple cans as weight

    - Mix the salt, dark brown sugar in a bowl and combine well with a few cranks of cracked pepper. (You can add garlic salt or anything you like to add for extra flavor as a variation)

    - Lay down a long piece of plastic wrap and sprinkle 1/4 of the mixture the size of the salmon 1/2.

    - Lay down the salmon skin side down on the mixture. Cover the flesh side with 1/4 of the mixture.

    - Splash the booze on and lay down the Dill.

    - Sprinkle the last 1/4 of the mixture on top of the dill and lay down the second piece of salmon flesh side down. Sprinkle the rest of the mixture on top of the skin and make sure all the flesh is covered in the mixture.

    - Wrap the fuck out of this pile tight with a lot of plastic wrap. And slip the package in a Zip lok bag(it gets pretty sloppy you’ll thank me for the ziplock)
    - Place it on a container (I use a terrine)with lots of weight(cans or whatever) in the refrigerator for 3 days. Flipping it over every 12 hours or so.
    - After 3 days unwrap it, give it a quick rinse off (the salt pulls a lot of the water out of the salmon) pat it dry and slice it thin on the bias. This helps it not bite tough. Wrap the uneaten part in plastic and back in the fridge( I keep it on the skin and slice what I need) I’ve had it in the fridge for over a week.
    - * I started cutting the salmon down the center because it makes it even when wrapped up and allows you to miss the bloodline when you are slicing it. It’s also a little more manageable. Either way works.

    - ** the mixture should be 2:1 based on the size of the fish.
  • JR Knifemaker
    Salmon is now on my shopping list.

    How long do you reckon it will keep?

    I’m going to put it in my food dehydrator and make salmon jerky to this recipe.
  • Geoff Feder
    It never makes it past a week in my house we eat it like crazy.
  • Clark Forge
    You know you have something delicious when you have never found out what the expiration date is ... gonna make this recipe this weekend, I wonder if It will turn out well if you use a salmon from the deep freeze ???
    ( Living in western Canada it’s a big court fine if you are found with any less than 4 salmon in the freezer at anytime. My stash is healthy so I can afford to use one up. )

    CANT WAIT !!!!

    Thanks a lot Geoff !
  • Geoff Feder
    Most fish you buy in the super market is pre frozen anyway. I’m sure it’ll be good. It’s a light out recipe. Good luck
  • Chad Kimmell

    Alright Geoff... here we go! If it’s bad I’ll blame it on George!
  • Geoff Feder
    Everyone blames me
  • Chad Kimmell
    Heavy lies the crown
  • Chad Kimmell
    Bro!!!! Gravalax is on point! Little creme fresh, some thinly sliced pickled red onion on a bagel chip with capers... pure money!!! Yes that’s a 4yo and she knows how to eat!!!fsg4hhv6nr54x13k.jpeg
  • Geoff Feder
    Outstanding! It’s a banging dish. So easy I don’t think it’s cooking! Your daughter is on her way. Great job Chad!
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