• WIA Kustoms
    After listening to the podcast where you were talking about hashtags . I was thinking i have never looked up a hashtag! Do people do that? I've noticed everybody seem to have a lot of hashtags in there posts. Maybe it's just me. Curious to hear if people do look up hashtags and for what reason? Cheers
  • Chad Kimmell
    I choose to follow certain hashtags. After that episode, I decided to make a “knife making” post once a day, and use a slew of relevant hashtags... I went from 325 followers to 450 and I’m averaging over 10% of my followers liking my post within 24hrs, my most recent one being almost 20%... im a big numbers guy, and since putting the effort in, those are my results.
  • WIA Kustoms
    wow I'm surprised but that's awesome. Maybe i need to get with the times hey!
  • Chad Kimmell
    It seems silly, but it works... if you’re trying to actually sell something, that’s how you get it out there... or blade forum I suppose

  • EbonbladeCustoms
    I always feel silly using them when I post on Instagram. That being said people must be search using hashtags because usually within 24 hours I get a couple dozen notifications of likes. I'm just a hobbyist that enjoys constructive feedback and I'm proud of what i accomplish. I don't put too much stock in the number of followers I have but if I wanted to start selling I'd at least I know I could reach some people.
  • Tom
    It’s not just about people searching the hashtags. If they like a couple of posts that have a hashtag you use frequently you’ll get recommended to them and appear in their explore page. So if they follow a maker and like their stuff a lot and you use similar hashtags, boom, you’re in their feed.
  • RogersKustoms
    I follow certain hashtags (pound sign for us Gen X folks). I see what others are doing and get inspiration from it.
    I have posted a picture a day or close to it for a year or so. My base of people is close to 430 now. I have sold several knives to those followers as well.

    Get creative with you hashtags too. Dont just do #knife all the time.
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