• Cay Leppälä
    What do you think, is there big difference between 40 grit and 36grit ceramic belt.
    Because i can find 40 grit norton belts here in Finland but if i want 36 grit i probably need to order them from combat abresives and shipping/customs etc.. are quite lot.
  • Jeff Kushen

    I have used 24, 36 and 40 grit to rough out my work, and IMHO use 40 grit all day long. It take very slightly longer to remove material, but it provides a finer control over removal to your marking lines.
    But buy what is available to you. Buy as many different types of belts as you can, and see what works best for your style of grinding! Even try the same type of belts from different makers. Norton Blaze are great, until you try Combat Abrasives Shredder Ceramics (again IMHO). Experiment and have fun!
  • backyardblacksmith
    How long do your belts last most of the time i want to build an 2×75 belt grinder because my other grinder is much smaller and takes to many belts ( around 2 each knife) so i thought that a larger belt would last longer
  • Neil Yeager
    I have the same issues here. I can not buy any of the belts locally so I have to import everything. Sometimes I am lucky and some one will be coming here for a holiday and I can coerce them into moleing a few into there checked luggage....
  • Jeff Kushen
    BackyardBlacksmith, Build or buy the 2"x72"! Belts are cheaper, last longer, usually run cooler. I would never look back and am about to start my 3rd 2"x72" grinder. That way i can leave one set up for small wheel, and one for scotchbrite belts.

    Easy to build. And best way to get everything aligned is to use a plate for the base, and get a 56C Face motor. Look it up and you will see this model will bolt directly to the plate and are cheaper to get. I just got a BRAND NEW IN BOX 56C face Baldor 1.5 240v 3-Phase for $80 shipping included. There are other face model motors, but they are less common and sometimes more expensive.
  • Dan Bidinger
    Hey Neil, I have no idea where you are or if there is any industrialized areas near you, but keep your eyes open. When I started knife making in Dubai I only decided to make a 2x72 grinder when I accidentally found an abrasive company just down the road from where I was working that could make me 50mm x 2000mm belts with VSM brand abrasives. I would think that some places in Thailand would have industrial areas where you could find those things, but it’s also a big country, so maybe more trouble that it’s worth to try and find.
  • Jeff Kushen
    FYI, if you are still looking for a motor, there is one identical to the one I got for ha'f the price.. though time is short... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Baldor-Motor-1-5HP-3PH-575V-56C-No-Base/401788810029
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