• Chop Knives
    So, it seems this forum has become one of the more 'friendly' forums available to knife makers. Whilst only a couple of dozen users are regularly posting, many more are lurkers. Over 500 members have now joined.

    Behind the scenes I deal with a lot of admin, making sure spammy posts don't make it to the board. I also decline about 20-30 bot accounts each day.

    I really don't mind doing this as it adds value to a lot of people (including myself) but it isn't really sustainable. There are associated costs along with this forum such as a software licence fee, monthly hosting etc.

    Therefore, I value every members opinion on the future of this forum
    1. What should the future of this forum be? (22 votes)
        Less admin, allow spammy accounts
        Charge a small annual fee to cover my time maintaining the forum (~$10 for a year)
        Close the forum
  • Chop Knives
    Been giving this some thought and if I were to charge a subscription, I would then add boards for knife & equipment sales.
  • JR Knifemaker
    Small admin fee for a great resource. You could also consider moderators to share some of the burden?
  • Jeff Kushen
    I'm with JR on this. $10 isn't bad for a resource like this, plus sharing the burden would help give you more time with your family as well.
  • Matt Brookes
    An admin fee sounds good to me. Especially if you were to offer sales pages. Cheers, Matt
  • Neil Yeager
    I was on another knife forum (not to mention) which in my opinion was basically populated with elites and wanna be elites!!. Got away from that. I am here to participate and learn something. I readily admit I am not any where to the level of knifemaking as many, but I can make a respectable product. I like seeing how other people approach the work. I am OK with a fee base, as long as the content is good and the participants are sharing and respectable.
  • Phil Mayo
    I’m up for a small admin fee. Like you said on the podcast, if something is on the internet many folk want it for nowt!
    When I’m feeling gluttonous I can drop a tenner on a maccy d’s without batting an eyelid so I’m up for paying!
  • Ethan Taylor
    I'd pay a small fee. The information and community are worth it to me.
  • Ben Secrist
    I mainly lurk on all forums I get on but I'm still down for $10 a year for all the work you put into this for us Craig.
  • Dean
    Literally Just signed up after listening to your latest podcast. I am a broke, only income, of a household of three and I am willing to pay $10 a year to be involved with a form with like-minded people. Do what you got to do to get rid of the bots and spams
  • Ken Lau
    I'd be happy to pay a fee.
  • KCFancher
    I’m one of those new, but lurking users :-). I’ve been observing and learning while waiting for the free time to start on my own later this year.

    I’ll gladly pay a nominal yearly fee to interact with others on this forum (as long as it stays civil and engaging). My only concern would be if it would limit who could participate, I’d hate to lose out on engaging conversations just because someone didn’t want to add another subscription.

    What about having two tiers? Free and a paid membership (more than $10/year) which granted you extra features? I’m a member of a photography forum, FredMiranda, that has Buy/Sell boards - but creating listings on those is limited to subscribers.

    I’m not sure if the Knife Talk forums are to such a scale yet that a Buy/Sell subscription itself would cover the burden of moderation, so perhaps something else as well?

    Regardless, if that doesn’t work I personally will contribute $10/year for access.
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