• JH Forgeworks
    I've been making my knives out of bar stock. I'm wanting to have a go at some integral bolstered blades but can't find anything other than 3/4 W1 drill rod. Does anyone know where I can buy appropriately sized carbon steel (preferably 1080/1084) square/round stock? NJ Steel Baron has been out of 1080 square stock for months.

    Thanks in advance
  • Greenbeetleknives
    Aldo is the only place I've seen 1080 square. Love NJSB. Are you after 1080 because you're forgeside heat treating or for another reason? If thicker W1 will work:
    onlinemetals.com has 3/4" and 1" square. $$$$$
    toolsteelservice.com has 1" round W1. $$
  • JH Forgeworks
    I have an oven for heat treating. It doesn't need to be 1080/84. Just assumed those would be the easiest to find and know they move pretty easy under the hammer, which will be ideal as I'm doing this all by hand. It'll be for an integral chef so 10 series, W1/2, or 52100 would be fine.

    Hadn't been able to find the W1 any larger than 3/4. Thanks for the info!!

    Side note: love your videos!
  • Smith Knifeworks
    A little late to this party,but...

    3/4" 52100 round bar is available from Admiral Steel for a measly $10/3ft bar

    1" round bar "hitachi 1085" is available from Pops Knife Supply. I've seen an analytic sheet for this steel. These are drops from industry production. I'm a fan of steel from industry. It's trustworthy. I can't verify that it's "1085" or "made by hitachi." What I can verify is that it has a sufficient amount of Manganese to help it harden and to blacken it if used in pattern welded steel. It is a eutectoid steel at ~.81% carbon on the batch I saw testing data for and it's more than acceptably clean. Sulphur content was something like .002%. This is the stuff Jason Knight uses frequently.

    Ray Kirk sells a variety of 52100 round bar ( and even some 5160 round) as small as .531" and as large as 1.75" (I think?)

    W1 drill rod is available in every size known to man. I've never used it, but I understand that it is common practice. It makes sense. The data sheets say that W1, heat treated properly, should make a fine knife. I'm going to guess that, like 1095, W1 is going to want a fast quench.
  • JH Forgeworks
    Thanks for the info fellas. I'm catching up on orders but, once I have playtime again I think I'll give one or two of these a shot and see what I can come up with!
  • Kam
    Coming in late here, but McMaster Carr might be a good resource as well.
  • eeny
    Welcome to the forum Kam. :up:
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