• Dan Bidinger
    Need some thoughts on etching stainless (AEB-L) I I put this one in the ferric yesterday for maybe 30min, very week mix maybe 10 parts water 1 part ferric. Before etch I wiped down with parts cleaner, then asetone, then denatured alcohol.

    I was looking for just a dark consistent finish but I got patterns, I think I will keep the pattern now because it’s interesting but any thoughts on what’s going on? Do I need a stronger mix to etch stainless?5rbudpvlmrbhqxvp.jpeg
  • Neil Yeager
    Not sure of any root cause, But I think it looks interesting.
  • Jeff Kushen
    That is a super interesting pattern... maybe the AEB-L isn't "pure"/wasn't mixed completely? How did it harden? Have you had a different result out of this same bar/batch? Being a chef's knife I wouldn't bother 'testing it to destruction, but I might make a coupon of the same bar/batch and HT it the same way you did this knife. Then clean and etch it the same way in the same bath and see what the results are.
  • Dan Bidinger
    I do HT with Peters heat treating so that is out of my control, but about as reliable as they come. I have completed and tested other blades of this batch without any issues but not done an etch on the others.
    I have always had strange results etching aeb-l with parts of the blade turning black and other parts remaining untouched. I do think my week ferric mix may have something to do with it. I did a quick test with un-mixed ferric this morning and it started to etch evenly right away.
    The knife is now glued up and will be finished soon, I will see if anything strange happens in testing but so far the steel seems normal.
    Now I am just hoping that I can duplicate this look in the future.
  • Jeff Kushen
    Duplicating a happy accident is had to do! I would never use full strength ferric...it actually works better when diluted a bit. at least 2:1. Have you tried the coffee etch?! just a thought. Let us see when completed! I'm excited to see the end result! I actually am hoping my AEB-L etches similarly! I think it looks cool! Kinda of a stainless damascus!
  • JH Forgeworks
    Congrats... you created Mono-mascus. Looks excellent. I wouldn't change anything.

    As far as consistent etching, I use closer to a 3-1 mixture and I use a makeup remover pad. Dip for 30 seconds, scrub with the pad, repeat three times then let it soak. Seems to give me the most consistent and clean full etch.
  • Smith Knifeworks
    Looks like alloy banding.
  • defton
    looks like wood
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