• Chop Knives
    Who went? How was it?

    I would love to hear more about it as it's on my list of events to attend next year.
  • Tom
    I was there. My first year. Smaller than I thought and not much going on beyond literally just looking at people’s knives on the table. Most people were talking to other makers they know online etc so didn’t have much time for anyone else. Overall I was a bit disappointed. But I got a nice new folder so that was good.
  • Jon Woodward
    Hey Craig and all,
    This was my second year attending...as Tom mentioned above, it is not large, but it is one of the few opportunities for the community to get together, put faces to names and generally have a "look around/touch and feel" in detail at what people are up to so an hugely positive event! So personally I love the opportunity!
    As a supplier, IT WAS NON STOP! the Multitool Products stand was filled from start to finish with people who wanted to start the hobby to professionals checking out their next upgrade or equipment to enable their next skill challenge.
    Looking forward to next year :-)
    All the best,
    PS. the photo is the calm before the storm....so busy i didnt think to take another :-)
    IMG_2745 (274K)
  • Tom
    I saw your stall Jon, it was hectic.
    It is great to have an actual get together of people in the community, but I just felt a bit underwhelmed by it all. It was heavily focused on bushcraft which I do like, but I’d like more variety in the knives too. I guess I just went in with the wrong expectations of what it was going to be.
  • JR Knifemaker
    Nightshift precluded it for me this year. Wife knows next year is non-negotiable.
  • Ken Lau
    It was awesome. I hadn't been to one for a few years so it was nice to chat to familiar faces like Ben Orford, Shing, Farid Mehr and Guy Stainthorp.
    And then I got the chance to meet lots of new ppl too. The tables near the entrance was excellent and I spent a while chatting to the chaps about their collections that they had brought along.
    Jon's stand was excellent, lots of fantastic kit and I got chatting to Anthony Cave who was nice enough to give me loads of great advice. Overall it was a great day out... But knackering having left the house at 6am and not getting back till around 9pm.
    I'd deffo go again next year.
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