• Youngknives
    Hey guys

    Recently I've had a lot of interest from clients wanting to come to the workshop to make their own knives and I'm not sure how much to charge In Excess of the normal price if I make it

    What's your thoughts???
  • eeny
    I would say its a balance between your time, and what you aren't earning for yourself whilst giving that time? It might be worth getting in touch with Stefan?
  • Neil Yeager
    Not to be safety police, but be aware of any potential liability for an injury. Particularly if you are charging a fee for this.
  • Jeff Kushen
    Yes, I agree with Neil, I would DEFINITELY get your lawyer to draw up an insurance/liability waiver. That being said, I know the price of the knife includes your time, however teaching a skill set is VALUABLE... I would submit that any time you spend teaching this person is time taken away from production. ie. If you would normally make 4 knives a day, and it takes 3 days to walk this customer through making one knife, you may want to charge for at least a days worth of 'loss'. Does that make sense to you?

    So to make math simple, he wants to make a $200 knife. You normally make 4 knives a day at a total value of $800. So the cost of the knife PLUS the loss of producing 4 blades would be $1,000. Depends on how valuable the person believes the experience would be.

    In the '70, the big thing was a 'Dude Ranch'. People would pay up to $500 a day to go and spend a week on a 'working ranch' and learn to milk cows, mend fences, and herd cattle. So they PAID for the experience, and the ranch made money by getting paid to have laborers! What a deal!
  • Youngknives
    Thanks for the feed back guys! A disclaimer would have to be put in place as I don't want any come backs. Think I might need to decide if it's going to be worth it as it could take up a lot of my time in the shop
  • JR Knifemaker

    I asked this very thing if Dave Budd when I first started out. I had saved £500 for this, and contacted him and offered him £250 per day for two days for his time and consumables to make one stock-removal knife.
    Some have said I paid too much, but the way I look at it is 1) I didn’t want to “nickel and dime” him and didn’t want to feel bad about using his consumables and 2) it put me years ahead of what I could have learnt from YouTube and books alone. I have never regretted spending the money.
    I think it worked out well for both of us (I certainly hugely enjoyed!). I don’t think there’s a strong litigious culture in the U.K. if you wrote a simple waiver and got then to sign you should be covered.
    But I would be honest: if this person is serious about it, it will cost. It’s not just your time. If they are serious, £250 /£300 per day is very reasonable in my opinion.
    Just my thoughts!
  • Youngknives
    Hey Jake that's not bad to be honest I was thinking around £500
  • JR Knifemaker
    very reasonable for what it gets then in my books
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