• Finn Leslie
    I’m fairly new to putting a hamon on blades. What’s the best way to finish the blade to make it pop out and look fantastic? What grit finish do you find works best and what kind of etch/how long gives the best results? I’ll be testing some things out on some W2 knives as well as 26C3
  • Smith Knifeworks
    Forgive me if you're already familiar. If not--

    If you haven't already, I would seek out information written by Don Hanson regarding W2 and Hamon work. He had a stash of W2 ( that was real) that is sort of a thing of infamy. My understanding is that he bought a stockpile of w2 that was used for die making. Maybe something to do with stamping parts for automobiles? Anyhow... He had a bunch that he sold, way before my time in knives, and it's gone now. People bought it up and sat on it. I understand the "W2" that NJSB sells is a supposed recreation of Don's steel from analytical data.

    Either way, industry-made W2 seems to be a thing that's extinct. There are some knife makers that have a lifetime supply shoved in a hole, but they don't make it for industry anymore, as far as I can tell.

    Regardless, Don gets some bonkers looking Hamon activity. Walter Sorrels is probably a good source to reference, too, what with the Japanese Sword connection.
  • Smith Knifeworks
    Damn, there's someone else I would suggest checking into, but his name slips my mind. He makes BONKERS looking hamons on some really great looking chef knives, but I can't recall his name! He's got such good control over what's going on that he's able to , essentially, paint images. Within reason, of course. He does some super impressive looking mountain range sorta images in a hamon. Gahhh. I wish I could remember his damn name. Maybe someone else can chime in.
  • Finn Leslie
    Thats the kind of look I’m going for. I’m working on a personal edc so it’s the guinea pig for a lot of this.
  • JH Forgeworks
    Greg Cimms is likely who you're thinking of. He literally does pictures with his hamons. He has a Mt Fuji hamon he puts on his gyuto's that is quite literally a painting in the steel. The stuff he gets is bonkers.

    If you just go to instagram and type in Honyaki or Hamon with the hashtags, you'll find plenty of inspiration. Greg Cimms is actually puts on Hamon classes about twice per year.
  • Smith Knifeworks
    yep. That's who I was thinking of. Couldn't spit his name out when I was typing that, originally.
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