• JH Forgeworks
    416 Stainless with 52100 core. Customer chose the handle. Not my typical jam but, actually fit pretty well with the blade. Stuff like this makes me realize I really need a press. zgh1v0owzcyvh4pz.jpg
  • Jeff Kushen
    Looks pretty cool! How did the stainless work for you? as expected or better? worse?
  • JH Forgeworks

    There was more carbon migration than I expected. Likely just due to the extended time at super high temps due to the manual forge welding opposed to manufactured San Mai steels. But, it also gave it some great activity at the edge without having to try and grind and forge it in like on some types. So, the polish didn't come as low as I was initially intending but, overall, it wasn't bad at all. Learned some things to take to the next one. Definitely love the end product though. I'm a sucker for san mai. I prefer it to damascus.
  • WingOnWing
    That is real dang pretty for sure, and yeah, that handle does fit the blade quite well.

    Bet the customer is very happy!
  • JR Knifemaker
    Absolutely lovely that!
  • Neil Yeager
    Really interesting patterns!
  • Smith Knifeworks
    The carbon migration at the transition looks super cool. Did you weld the seams/edges of the stack or use a canister to keep an oxygen poor environment?

    I'm a sucker for San Mai, too. I have a bunch of ideas that I haven't gotten around to trying yet.

    Check out A203E if you aren't familiar. It's a mild, high nickel (3%IIRC) steel used for pressure vessels. Admiral sells it. I've seen one or two san mai blades made from it. It has some super cool alloy banding; looks very similar to Wrought Iron when ground.
  • JH Forgeworks
    That sounds awesome. I'm a serious sucker for wrought iron san mai. I'll have to look into that.
  • Smith Knifeworks
    I've got some. I think I already have a couple 1" x 1/4" x 3" cutoffs laying around. If you used 1/8" thick edge steel of the same size that would net you something like 2.25 in3 of steel. That'll make a hidden tang, wa handled knife.

    It would make sense for me to send you those little cutoffs rather than you buy a whole stick and pay $40 shipping to see what you think of it.

    My Google Kung Fu sauys you're in Melbourne? I'm in SC, so shipping wont be bad at all.

    email me your shipping info at if you want some.
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