• Jeff Kushen
    @federknives Geoff did a wonderful Single track this week and discussed at length his technique for lanyard tubes. I thought I'd give my solution, as it may be easier for some not as adept with a hammer as Geoff is!

    Any autoparts store or Harbor Freight will have a "Brake tube flaring kit" for ~20-30$USD. Usually has a pair of bars bolted together with different size flairs drilled in and a pointed mandrel in an arched frame with a T handle.. I bought 2 of these kits.

    I welded the two T handle mandrels together, arch to arch so the mandels are opposite each other.

    Drill your tube hole, cut a length of tube. Using the die bars, flare one end of the tube. then rough the outside of the tubes with 60-80 grit paper as desired.

    Slightly bevel each side of your handles tube hole to fit the tube flare you created. A good chamfering bit in a drill will do this quickly.

    Apply epoxy to the outside of the tube and or the lanyard tube hole. Insert the non-flared end of the tube into the lanyard hole and press firmly to seat it against the bevel.

    Now using the 2 mandrel device, insert the points into the tube and slowly turn the handles until the flare is seated on both sides. You can use a small file to trim if needed.

    Now you can use your countersink bit again lightly to smooth the inside of the flares if you desire.

    It looks great and after you have done it once or twice, it takes about 5 minutes or less.

    HTH! Thanks again Podcast guys!!

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