• JH Forgeworks
    I recently purchased a Grizzly Mill/Drill and DRO setup for help in milling tang slots and hopefully making wa handles and such faster/easier. For anyone who is experienced in their use, what would you consider your "must haves" for the mill? I have a number of R8 collets, a t-slot clamp setup, and a cheap little vise. I'm about to pick up a set of parallels and some end mills in a few sizes I think I'll use. But, I'm not really sure what I'll need beyond that. I was thinking maybe an angle block to help with octagonal wa handles but don't know anything about fly cutters or stuff of that nature and what would be appropriate to use. So, short version...

    Anybody who uses a mill for knifemaking, fixed blades or folders, what do you consider to be the absolute necessity tooling and parts and what would you like to have to make things better?

    Thanks in advance!
  • Kam
    A magnetic dial indicator so you can make sure all your setups are square.
    A box of cheap chip brushes.
    A rubber mat with holes in it so you aren’t standing in chips all day.
    An edge finder.

    Maybe not something that needs to be bought, but a good understanding of speeds and feeds, especially if you want to work with stainless or titanium. Both of these will work harden like mad if you let them get hot.
  • JH Forgeworks

    Good info man. Appreciate it. I definitely need to get an indicator as I'm just kind of hoping it's true right now. I'm not doing anything super critical really but, nothing wrong with doing it right.
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