• JR Knifemaker
    Thought I’d share a series of catastrophes from the last two days. Overall success but not without its struggles

    1) I created an attachment for my rotary tool which would let me get in those hard-to-reach places (not those hard-to-reach-places). Turns out it wasn’t well fitted. After 20 minutes, without warning, it started rattling and PING it snapped off and flew into my eye protection at great speed. I always wear eye protection. If I didn’t today I’d have lost an eye. I’m going to stop pretending I can be a tool maker.

    2) finished two kitchen knives, one with a real nice finish (who knew Niolox+ etches beautifully in ferric?!). But not only have I drilled the holes the wrong size, but far too close to choil, meaning now I can’t sink the corby bolts without leaving v little room between the bolt and the choil. I’ve cobbled it together but it may look silly.

    Okay, not quite a series. But definitely suboptimal.
  • eeny
    If it can hurt you, sooner or later it will try to!....that's the lesson I've learned over and over...Safety gear only needs to REALLY protect you once, then all the 'reasons' for not using it evaporate in a fearful, adrenaline fueled sweat! Keep safe guys and gals!
  • JR Knifemaker

    I forgot the worst part too. My cat is going senile, and has taken to relieving himself outside my workshop door. I was taking a break from whatever I was doing, and stepped outside. Went to take my hat off, and my safety goggles fell of my head, and landed Lena-first into a heap of fresh cat sh*t.
  • Jeff Kushen
    Glad you are/were safe!!! Lets see what we can do about these issues!!

    1) Buy tools that you are not 100% sure you can make yourself!
    2) put some lemon juice in a spray bottle and spray the area the cat is using as his toilet.. he will find another spot!
  • JR Knifemaker
    cat’s still doing his business outside my door. But he’s an old boy and I kinda think he’s allowed to at his age!
  • Jeff Kushen
    Must be old enough to NOT be able to smell it! Most cats hate citrus with a passion!

    Lol you are probably right!
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