• JH Forgeworks
    I recently sprung for a forge press and absolutely love the thing. There will definitely be a lot more damascus and san mai blades in my future (If I can ever get caught up on orders) That said, cutting the billets to re-stack is... tedious. I have a porta-band and swag table that I've been using. It does the job but, should I / when I get into some more advanced patterns, the angled cuts to tile things out are absolutely impossible to do on that with any sort of accuracy.

    So, given that, I've been debating picking up one of the classic horizontal/vertical metal bandsaws like I see many other makers using for this process. It's slow, steady, and accurate and doesn't involve me having to physically push the metal through. Which I like. Looking at options I see that there's a plethora in the higher end industrial style but it appears theres basically two different types of identical saws with different paint jobs depending on who is selling them. Harbor Freight, Northern Tool, and Grizzly each have one in my general price point. $250-$360. I hate HF tools as I've never had much luck with them. The northern tool and grizzly look almost identical but the NT one is currently on sale for about $110 less.

    Curious if anyone has any suggestions or experience. I tried a chop saw but that is slower than the bandsaw and takes a wider cut so, more material loss. Thanks in advance.
  • Jeff Kushen
    Northern Tool is a decent manufacturer, and they do some great quality (for the price). I would take that over the Grizzly, especially with the discount.
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