• Chop Knives
    In this weeks show we kicked off the Knifetalk build along. A weekly series where we build a simple bushcraft knife, perfect for those making a first knife. Also plenty of scope for making some alterations for the more experienced knife maker.

    You can see the video at: https://youtu.be/6oqybxx3VpY

    You can get the knife template (and make amendments if you want) at: https://www.knifeprint.com/editor/#load-project/22403 (requires setting up an account but it is FREE)

    It should be fun, you can see peoples work on Instagram using the #knifetalkBA hashtag
  • JR Knifemaker
    I love it. I’m going to be a few weeks behind unfortunately. This is a great idea.
  • Jeff Kushen
    Hey Craig,

    Unfortunately, the "Get Quote" option only works if you have a "Pro" account. So we cannot have the blank printed, or export to PDF to build along.

    Can you post a copy of the PDF here so we can download it? I'm not ready to plop down $53 for something I may not use.
  • eeny
    It does work, but you need to make the project pattern a project you can select....just click on a node and it will save it as your project. Then you can either get a quote for cutting out and sending, or save it as a .png which you can print out yourself for no cost.
  • eeny
    It does work, but you need to make the project pattern a project you can select....Click public>template projects>hunting/bushcraft>Craig's project template to load it. Then just click on a node and move it, click redo and it will have saved it as your personal project. Then on the left select Projects>my projects, click on your new one and the quote option appears on the right. Or you can save it as a .png within the editor - select "K">export, select .PNG to save it and you can print it out yourself for no cost.

    Site wont let me delete my previous comment, as I wanted to edit it
  • Jeff Kushen
    Hey Eeny, I appreciate that! I made several changes to it, and it did indeed save it as one of my projects, however when I click the quote option, it asks me to sign up for a different license. I know I can save a png, but I was hoping to be able to print one of my other designs to steel. No worries. thank you though.
  • eeny
    Are you clicking the yellow "Buy now" whilst in the editor? I think that is whats happening, I admit, it isnt very straightforward. Whilst you are in the editor, click the "K" top left, then the blue "Projects" which takes you to a screen of thumbprints of all your projects. Click on the one you want to buy, and you will see "laser cutting" on the right, click the yellow "get quote" and you will get a screen where you can choose your steel type and thickness etc. Hope that helps buddy :up:
  • EbonbladeCustoms
    I'm really enjoying the build along so far and thought the option for those without tools to get a blank was great and included those who otherwise wouldn't be able. After watching the second video however it seems those without heat treating equipment are left behind. Is there anywhere that one could ship their build in the US that would provide such service?
  • Chop Knives
    We discuss it a bit in the podcast - if you don't have a kiln, the next best bet is a forge. If you don't have a forge, a torch could be used at a push.

    Or maybe a US based forum member could help you out?
  • Mark Smith Knives
    I ordered mine! Changed the handle quite a bit and added a slight belly to the blade.
    80CRV2 0.125 thk knifetalkBA.PNG?dl=0
  • eeny
    My blanks arrived today, yay! The game is on! :grin: :up:

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