• JR Knifemaker
    So it seems my recipe of bringing up the steel to 840 C (1544 F) for five mins isn’t enough. File dug right in there and was immediately drill-able!

    Any assistance? I hear it’s a popular one for kitchen knives. Should I just stick to O1 or does 52100 hold some advantage over O1 in the kitchen?
  • WingOnWing
    5 minutes doesn't appear to be enough soak time according to Knife Steel Nerds:


    You might just skip all the way to the bottom to the heading, "Conclusions and Recommended Heat Treatment"
  • JH Forgeworks
    52100 is a great steel and is my primary carbon steel for non damascus blades. That and W2 are pretty much the only carbon mono steels that I use. The heat treat is a little tricky due to the temps and holds. My method is three normalizing cycles of 1650, 1450, and 1250. Then heat to 1550 and hold for 15 minutes.

    I've seen some say that Parks 50 is too fast of a quench for 52100 but I haven't had any issues. I may grab a gallon of AAA and see if I notice a difference but, I've never had an issue with hardening 52100 using this recipe. Whether mono or as core steel in a San Mai billet. Try a longer hold at temp closer to 15 minutes and see if that does it for you.
  • JR Knifemaker
    This is awesome. Thanks both. Time to reprogramme the paragon then!!!
  • Jeff Kushen
    KnifeSteelNerds is a great site! I have built all my HT recipes around their base recommendations, with small tweaks for my environment.
  • Jeff Kushen
    JR, Did you calibrate your Paragon? Sometimes they are just slightly off based on your location, environmentals, etc. Look up how to calibrate your oven with salt. Or check BladeForums, there is a walkthrough.
  • JR Knifemaker
    I didn’t. I know @Smith Knifeworks mentioned it on another post, but it’s just one of them things that’s on the list, but I may never get round to. I’m trusting the machine. I’ve had no problems with heat treat if other more familiar steels so am just hoping it’s in good working order. Is this naive?
  • Jeff Kushen
    Well its not naive, but a lot of factors can change how it heats, including elevation, humidity, etc. Its why cake mix has different temps on it based on elevation. :-). My Evenheat LB18 was off by almost 50 degrees when i got it. That makes a huge difference in some of the Stainless steels, especially in the tempering cycles.
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