• Mike Romo
    Just thought I'd start this one. I bought an AMK-77 grinder three or four years ago and haven't looked back. At the time, it was a huge purchase for me and I bought the single speed version. I ordered the new motor, VFD, and small wheel attachment and spoke with Allen this morning.

    I can't wait for the upgraded parts to come in so I can really take my grinding game up a few levels.

    That being said, I asked him if he had seen any action following his sponsorship of the podcast. He said it was a good investment, but only one order to far.

    I'd advise that these are great machines and would highly recommend them. I'll update when I get the upgrade installed and running.
  • Chad Kimmell
    I plan on buying one... all things go well i will have the scratch to grab one by end of spring. I am trying to only use profits from knives to buy tools and upgrades. the grinder is the next thing on my list. I have a survival knife that i am making that could turn into another 10. That will be the ticket that gets me my grinder!
  • Chad Kimmell
    So, i am SUPER frugal... I hate buying something twice or upgrading. I will get the 77 with the VFD... although i found a 2HP VFD elsewhere and i am not sure if im going to get that with the AMK frame or just get the whole just get the AMK 77 and call it a day.
  • Mike Romo
    My two cents is this: Allen is a super nice and very knowledgeable guy. He will take care of you. My grinder has been excellent thus far. No problems whatsoever. Were I to do it over again, I would have paid the extra and gotten the whole nine yards right away.
  • Chad Kimmell
    im right there with you bud. I’m a firm believer in buying what you want, not what you can afford. I’m frugal though... so it takes some time to allocate funds.
  • Siena
    I bought an AMK77 a couple years ago, I really like it. I did get the VFD and small wheel attachment when I bought it, the VFD is worth every penny. Also if you talk to Allen they can do one on a hinged base so you can make it into a horizontal grinder as well. If you are like me and just a hobbyist it's great since I won't have a second grinder to dedicate to horizontal.
  • Mike Romo
    Okay, so I just finished installing the new motor and VFD on my older AMK77. I definitely put the cart before the horse when I bought the thing. My life is already better by having a variable speed grinder. I haven't even tried the small wheel attachment yet as I got fired up grinding some small tanto blades I had waterjet cut.

    This is definitely part of rectifying my actions from before the time when I embraced "Buy once, cry once" and had originally relied on the "I'll upgrade when I need to" philosophy.

    GET THE V.F.D.....that is all. :)
  • Chad Kimmell
    ugh... i may go out and buy a little $200 harbor freight grinder and just save up for it... that way its not as if i am out a huge initial investment
  • Ethan Taylor
    Does the AMK-77 allow for other attachments (like a rotary platen) to be interchanged with the flat platen or contact wheel?
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