• Grosser Cutlery
    Whats the best surface finish for High carbon Chefs knife customer delivery? 800-1000 hand pulled? 2000 , Buffed? polished? rubbed with a lucky rabbits foot? whats really gonna look best over time?

    Secondly, should High carbon blades be delivered clean and oiled or is it better to give them a forced patina to begin the process? Im having a hard time deciding which way to go on these 52100's

    thanks guys Jim
  • Matt Brookes
    hi Jim

    I think so much of it comes down to personal preference regarding finish. Personally I'm not a huge fan of a mirror finish, which in my opinion marks very easily.

    I do a few different finishes, hand pulled satin (I stop at 600), antique, which involves etching in ferric, polish, rub with wire wool, repeat as necessary then liberal amounts of food safe oil (gives the look of one of your granddad's old chisels and when I do an edge quench I sand to 800, etch in ferric to reveal the quench line then give it a really good polish by hand.

    Out of all of these I find the hand pulled satin the most finicky to do and the most likely to mark.

    I send all my knives out clean and oiled with care instructions detailing what the customer should do to try to retain the finish if they don't want a beautiful natural patina.

    I realise this perhaps isn't much help but as I say it's down to personal preference.

    I think the important thing is that the customer understands that their new high carbon blade will probably stain as soon as it's used.

  • Chop Knives
    With regards to care instructions, I made a quick video which I put up on my site and direct customers to.

  • Stromberg Knives
    Most of my high carbon kitchen knives are hand sanded to either 400 grit with Scotch Brite Ultra fine finish or hand sand to 800 grit without the SB. If it's carefully done I think it gives a really nice satin finish.

    This one is 400 grit with SBUF.

  • JR Knifemaker

    Oh that’s a nice image.

    I’ve heard the SBUF mentioned. Is that a pad mounted on a bench grinder?
  • Stromberg Knives


    You can get the Scotch Brite in every shape and form. I use SB belts for my grinder and as small pads for hand sanding.
  • Ross Vosloo
    just to throw it out there, heres a new patina finish im playing around with at the moment
  • Aaron Green
    Matt Brookes, fantastic ideas. I found your reply very helpful and full of ideas I have either not heard of or thought of....Thanks! With etching in ferric, do what is the dilution of the ferric, and typically how long would you leave it? Cheers, Aaron from Green Knives in NZ.
  • Matt Brookes
    Hi Aaron, glad you found it helpful. I don't know much, but I'm glad to share what I do.

    I think my current solution is 40% ferric 60% distilled water.

    Clean the blade with acetone, give it a quick swirl in the ferric (couple of seconds). With a gloved finger wipe the blade to check for dust and finger prints. Then give it another swirl for around 15 to 20 seconds.

    Hope this helps, shout up you need anything else.


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