• New chef's knife design for 2019
    I am not a huge fan of an S grind that is so pronounced, it is easily discernible with a glance. Seems to be a trend, though. I like more "nuance" to a grind.
  • One at a time?
    For me, it is still a hobby. A way to relax and get my mind off life. Whenever I take on multiples, it feels more like work. Yes, it is more efficient, but at the cost of becoming mundane.
  • Micarta source
    Checkout . He has lots of cool micarta. He has his own site, as well as sells on ebay.
  • Air Filtration and Grinder Dust Collection
    I use a Delta Oasis wall mount collector with a 20ft hose. All my machines have a coupler to fit the hose that I move from machine to machine (I do mainly wood working/ any metal work is done directly into a bucket of water). Not necessarily ideal, but it works ok. My shop is a tightly tarped corner of my basement. I have a hole cut into the tarp on either side of the shop with fans; one pulling in fresh, and one pushing out stale, both outfitted with basic 3m 16"×16" furnace filters. Kind of a ghetto rig, but you'd be surprised what those filters catch. At the end of every session, I blow all my equipment and tables down with a small air compressor. I come back an hour later and sweep.
  • Workshop tour/pics

    I love seeing shops, so I will get the ball rolling. Hope this picks up some momentum. Let me known if this panaromic is viewable...
  • Yo!
    One of my more recent works.

Christopher Miller

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